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Table Of Contents
Symposium Articles
Introduction: Dangerous Liaisons? Industry Relations with Health Professionals
Robert M. Sade - [PDF]

Altruism and Self Interest in Medical Decision Making
Paul H. Rubin - [PDF]

We seem to prefer that medicine and medical care be provided through altruistic motives. Even the pharmaceutical industry justifies its behavior in terms of altruistic purposes.
Better Regulation of Industry-Sponsored Clinical Trials Is Long Overdue
Matthew Wynia and David Boren - [PDF]

Regulating clinical trials for testing new drugs is fraught with risk.
More Regulation of Industry-Supported Biomedical Research: Are We Asking the Right Questions?
Sigrid Fry-Revere and David Bjorn Malmstrom - [PDF]

Industry-sponsored biomedical research is under the microscope. In an attempt to achieve just results in extraordinary cases, critics are suggesting regulations that would pervert the U.S. clinical trial process.
Drug Reps Off Campus! Promoting Moral Purity by Suppressing Commeriial Speech
Lance K. Stell - [PDF]

In the name of restoring professionalism, an influential group of physician-educators have urged academic medical centers to take the lead in purging the house of medicine of the conflicts of interest created by industry's marketing.
DTC Advertising Harms Patients and Should Be Tightly Regulated
Peter Lurie - [PDF]

Like all interventions in health care, direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising should be evaluated by comparing its risks to its benefits, in the context of the available or potentially available alternatives.
Pharmaceutical Industry Financial Support for Medical Education: Benefit, or Undue Influence?
Howard Brody - [PDF]

Presently, the pharmaceutical industry funds about half of the costs of continuing medical education (CME) programs in the U.S.
Independent Articles
The Ethical Health Lawyer: An Empirical Assessment of Moral Decision Making
Joshua E. Perry, Ilene N. Moore, Bruce Barry, Ellen Wright Clayton, Amanda R. Carrico - [PDF]

Writing in 1999, legal ethics scholar Brad Wendel noted that "[v]ery little empirical work has been done on the moral decision making of lawyers."
Off-Label Prescribing: A Call for Heightened Professional and Government Oversight
Rebecca Dresser and Joel Frader - [PDF]

Under current U.S. law, physicians may prescribe drugs and devices in situations not covered on the label approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
Futility Clarified
Eric Chwang - [PDF]

Futility is easily defined as uselessness. The mistaken appearance that it cannot be defined is explained by difficulties applying it to particular cases.
Data and Safety Monitoring Boards: Some Enduring Questions
Charles J. Kowalski and Jan L. Hewett - [PDF]

Data Safety and Monitoring Boards (DSMBs) have been referred to as a "growth industry", and this trend continues to be fueled by recent FDA guidance and the NIH's requirement that DSMBs be employed in virtually all phase III clinical trials.
Currents in Contemporary Ethics
Mark A. Rothstein - [PDF]

Teaching Health Law
Diane E. Hoffmann - [PDF]

John G. Browning - [PDF]

Recent Developments in Health Law
Carmel Shachar - [PDF]

Harvard Law and Health Care Society
In Memoriam: Angela Roddey Holder
Obit - [PDF]