Jack Schwartz, J.D.

Assistant Attorney & Directory of Health Policy Development
Maryland Attorney General's Office
United States

Jack Schwartz is an Assistant Attorney General and Director of Health Policy Development in the Maryland Attorney General's Office. Mr. Schwartz is a graduate of Yale Law School and the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Prior to joining the Attorney General's Office in 1982, he held a series of senior staff positions at the Federal Trade Commission in Washington. Mr. Schwartz has taught as an adjunct professor in the law schools of the University of Maryland and the American University; has been a guest lecturer at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown and at the Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health; served as a senior consultant to the National Bioethics Advisory Commission; is a bioethics consultant to, and member of, the Special Studies Institutional Review Board at the National Cancer Institute; and serves on a national advisory committee for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. He has written and lectured extensively on legal and policy issues in health care, particularly issues concerning care at the end of life, research involving decisionally impaired subjects, and managed care.