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1. What is the cost of membership?

Rates vary for different groups, ranging from $90 for a one-year student membership to $230 for a one-year doctoral membership. We offer three-year membership options as well. For current rates, please see our Membership page.

2. What is included in an ASLME Membership?

Membership includes:

  • Subscription and online access to the American Journal of Law & Medicine
  • Subscription and online access to the Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics
  • Discounted conference registration fees
  • Discounts on journal back issues and conference syllabi
  • Full access to this site, including blogs, guest posts by Society Scholars, online job bank, course materials, and much more

Please see our Membership page for all the details.

3. I have paid for an ASLME membership. When will it begin?

Your membership will begin on the first day of the next month after we receive your membership payment. You will receive a new member packet including the most recent journal issue soon after the first of the month.

4. How can I pay for membership, conference registrations, and other orders?

We accept checks (made out to ASLME), American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover Card. If you use a credit card, you can pay online through our secure server.

5. Can I receive continuing medical education credits (CME) for attending an ASLME-sponsored conference?

Yes. We offer CME credits for physicians for most conferences we sponsor, and are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).

To obtain CME hours, physicians must request credits when registering for the event. At a CME event, physicians will be provided instructions how to obtain credits.

Generally, CME hours are listed in all printed conference materials. To find out if CME is available, or the number of credit hours for a specific conference, please review the information in the Conferences section of the website.

For general information regarding CME credits or requirements, contact the ACCME at (312) 464-2500.

6. Can I receive continuing legal education credits (CLE) for attending an ASLME-sponsored conference?

Yes. ASLME is an accredited sponsor of continuing legal education programs according to the regulations of the states of AR, CA, GA, IN, IA, MS, MO, NV, NM, NC, PA, RI, SC, VA, WA, and WV. Under NYS CLE Board Approved jurisdiction process, ASLME may provide CLE credit to NY attorneys. Attorneys from other states must notify ASLME in advance to obtain CLE credit hours.

To earn CLE credits, you must notify ASLME upon registering for a conference and indicate the state for which they are seeking credit. You must also sign in at the end of each day on a sign-in sheet located at the conference registration desk.

The majority of State Bars require ASLME to submit this attendance sheet with a fee. Certain states require the individual seeking CLE credit to fill out a computer form and submit it individually to the State Bar. For individual questions, please contact the Continuing Legal Education Department of your State Bar Association.

CLE credit hours are received on a continuous basis, and vary from state to state. For information on credit hours for specific conferences, please contact the ASLME Conference Director,

7. If I cannot attend a conference program, can I still obtain the conference materials?

Yes. ASLME publishes a conference syllabus, containing speaker materials, presentation slides, related articles, and cases, which is available for a fee. To obtain a syllabus from a previous conference, please contact the contact our Conference Director at, or order here.

8. Does ASLME provide legal referrals or advice?

No. As an educational membership association, ASLME does not accredit lawyers, or provide legal referrals or advice. For this type of information, or to report a complaint about an attorney, we suggest you contact the American Bar Association (phone: 312-988-5000 or web: or your state bar association.

9. Does ASLME provide medical referrals or advice?

No. As an educational membership association, ASLME does not accredit physicians, or provide medical referrals or advice. For this type of information, or to report a complaint about a physician, we suggest you contact the American Medical Association (phone: 312-464-5000 or web: or your state medical association.

10. How do I submit an article to an ASLME publication?

Please review the submission guidelines.

11. What is ASLME's mailing address and contact information?

765 Commonwealth Avenue, Suite 1634
Boston, MA 02215

Phone: 617-262-4990
Fax: 617-437-7596

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