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Research & Grants
Together with leading health care foundations and organizations, we conduct a broad range of research projects.

As a key part of our mission, ASLME engages in research to promote intensive study and dialogue on critical issues in public health law, policy, practice, and ethics. Our research projects have examined subjects such as DNA Fingerprinting and Civil Liberties, Pain and the Law, and many more. And this research often leads to important action.

For example, through our Project on Legal Constraints on Effective Pain Relief, ASLME helped to frame the national debate on pain under-treatment. With support from the Mayday Fund, Connecticut Statewide Pain Management Study and Donaghue Medical Research Foundation, this project led to the development of the Pain Relief Act. The act provided a model for removing a major barrier to effective pain relief: the fear of legal sanctions for the prescribing of pain medications.

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