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Headlines: September 9, 2009

by Ted Hutchinson, Publications Director


Today looks to be another milestone day in the march towards health care reform in America. This evening President Obama will again address lawmakers and the nation and hopes to redirect the national conversation towards reasons why meaningful reform is necessary and good. This blog article gives some clues as to what to look for tonight: will the president be conciliatory or hard-line? That will likely clue us in to whether a bipartisan reform bill is still possible.
This article, meanwhile, argues that in spite of the fears of many people, and the great uproar witnessed at “town hall-style” meetings with congressmen over the August recess, that reform is still moving forward, and that the image of President Obama being knocked back on his heels is a false one. The article suggests that bills are still coming out of committees, and the key players are still at the table, and thus we will see important reforms this year.
This related piece is a deeply interesting investigation of medical students who have gone out into real practices over their summer breaks and have come back to school with first-hand knowledge of the deep flaws in the American health care system.
Finally, here is a fascinating article from the Hastings Center’s Bioethics Forum on Disputes over Research with Residual Newborn Screening Blood Specimens by Karen J. Maschke.
Today is the six-year anniversary of my first day editing the Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics here at ASLME. Every day has been a pleasure. I have been doing the “Ted-Lines” blog for a far shorter period, but I do hope to be celebrating anniversaries of this venture for many years to come.
As always, I also want to remind readers that I am always looking for interesting headlines related to Law, Medicine, and Ethics. If you have a tip, please feel free to leave it in the comment section or email me at
Hope you all have a good day!


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