Toward the Painless Emergency Department: Better for the Patients; Better for Us

October 20, 2004
The Moscone Center
San Francisco, CA

Conference Description:
Over 70% of patients come to the emergency department because they are experiencing pain. Treatment of pain in the Emergency Department raises issues of management of problem patients, impact on patient satisfaction and outcomes, disparity in treatment, and legal and regulatory risks. Through presentations and interactive discussions, this conference will identify gaps in pain management practice, skills, and knowledge; describe current and forthcoming emergency medicine pain research; analyze the impact of the pharmaceutical industry on pain management; and identify strategies for improvement, including using management tools and operationalizing guidelines, protocols, and clinical pathways. In addition, the conference will identify policy and research priorities to advance the quality of pain management practices in the US and Canada. Knox Todd, M.D., M.P.H., and Sandra Johnson, J.D., LL.M., are the conference co-chairs.

Course Objectives:
At the conclusion of this course, participants will be better able to:

  • Understand the scope and findings of new research on pain management in emergency medicine;
  • Analyze the impact of outcomes and patient satisfaction indicators on the practice of emergency medicine in relation to pain;
  • Identify management and clinical strategies for improving treatment of pain in their ED practice;
  • Identify gaps in knowledge and the research agenda for improving the quality of care in emergency medicine;
  • Identify opportunities for consensus regarding standards and guidelines.

Who should attend:

  • Emergency physicians and nurses
  • Health care administrators with responsibility for ED management
  • Health care professionals caring for persons with pain who are likely to turn to the ED for assistance
  • Payers
  • Consumers